Current Projects

Stake Social Media

Clinton Utah Stake - 2022 (

In an effort to promote the uplifting messages from our local church leaders, I established social media sites. This has been a way of getting more people to see announcements, messages, and activities. This project is helping me to build my social media skills and better see how times are changing regarding social media use.

Marketing Automated Database

FamilySearch - 2022

While working at a non-profit, I noticed that our marketing group doesn't have an easy way of getting our patron's data into our marketing systems. Most of our data is coming from the business intelligence team in a comma-separated values (csv) file shared within our secure network. This has made automating our campaigns difficult as there are several manual steps without getting a live feed of data.

I have proposed that we get a marketing database set up to receive the live registration data and other behavioral data. This way we can stream this data into our marketing automation systems without relying solely on our business intelligence team. However, several other items need to be addressed such as information security, data privacy, and data governance. Anticipating that this project won't be complete until the fourth quarter of 2022.