Digital Resume



My name is Chris Danson and I'm a Communication Manager at FamilySearch where I specialize in system integrations from various data sources into one marketing platform. Since joining FamilySearch, I have gained a reputation as a person that can get the job done and on time. I have led out on several inter-departmental projects to streamline data flows. With over 15 years of experience in business technology and keeping up-to-date on technology trends, I am able to offer solutions that may not have been considered in the past. 



Communication Manager


Senior Marketing Technology Manager

JUL 2021 - NOV 2022

Marketing Data Manager

JAN 2019 - JUL 2021

Zions Bancorporation 

Digital Compliance Officer

AUG 2016 - JAN 2019

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc

Social Media Compliance Specialist

JUL 2015 - AUG 2016

Grant Victor

Website & Social Media Specialist

APR 2014 - JUL 2015


M.A. - Southern Utah University 

Professional Communication

Anticipated APR 2025

Professional Communication graduates are masters in developing and demonstrating a knowledge of communication theory applicable to a variety of concentrations within the discipline. Ability to apply this knowledge to professional/personal relationships and career problem-solving situations. Graduates will demonstrate a facility with new technologies and systematically explore the limits and impact of their use in professional communication situations. 

B.A. - Weber State University 

Business/Multimedia Technologies

APR 2014

Business/Multimedia Technology graduates are experts in a variety of software from both Microsoft and Adobe. Graduates gain competence in business communication, personnel training, customer service, and marketing, which are crucial for a successful business career. Introduced to new procedures applied to the management of both people and equipment to help meet the challenges of the ever-changing technology.